Check it!

We really care about the things that we’re producin’
So we only make it when we know you gona use it.

Made to order is the way we’re movin’ forward
Just wait some weeks until it lands upon your doorstep.

You see we really care about our Jungle
We aint no big box store who got your head up in a jumble.

We take our time selectin’ only just the good stuff
And when you done with yours you send it right back to us.

Rave. Rinse. Rewind.

Circular, sustainable fashion straight from the heart of the Jungle.

When your order our clothes, please be patient. We do not ship the next day because we only produce to order to help reduce waste.

When you finished with your clothing items only, please think about the impact on our Jungle and consider returning them to us in through our REWIND program.

We work with sustainable suppliers who make your clothes with only the finest materials.

Our T-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, grown without chemical fertilisers, pesticides or GMOs. This method helps reduce water consumption and pays respect to ecosystems and biodiversity.